At InnoTrans 2022, UK-based GBR-Rail unveiled Cleartrak, an innovative passenger car lavatory cleaning technology that can be applied to the construction of new rolling stock or the modernization of existing ones. Railway Supply magazine writes about this with reference to zdmira.


The technology involves the separation of liquid effluents and solid waste. Liquid fractions pass through a multi-stage filtration system using nanofilters, after which the purified water is suitable for further use. Solid waste is processed by pyrolysis, resulting in organic fertilizer. The resulting biogas is easily and safely removed.

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The use of the technology makes it possible to significantly reduce the amount of work on maintenance of toilets in the depot and avoid the disposal of waste into the sewer network, which is not quite an environmentally sound solution. Thanks to it, it is possible to reduce the mass of the rolling stock and, as a result, the consumption of resources and carbon dioxide emissions, reduce the cost of equipping the depot, and reduce the number of personnel engaged in unskilled and unprestigious work. The necessary equipment occupies the same volume as the effluent tanks installed on the cars. With Cleartrak technology, trains will only need to visit the depot to service the toilets no more than 4 times a year, and the cost of implementing this technology can be paid back in 3 years.

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