The purchase is supposed to be 70 trains with 3-door railcars and 25 trains with 2-door.  Trains should be with 11 and 12 railcars.

на поставку и обслуживание электропоездов

The initial (maximum) price of one train is 1.51 billion rubles. including VAT and 1.47 billion rubles. with VAT, respectively. The tender also includes maintenance of rolling stock throughout the entire life cycle worth 252.75 billion rubles, reports Railway Supply  magazine citing tzdjournal.

Delivery schedule: 25 trains – from March to December 2022 , 37 trains – from March to December 2023 and 33 trains – from January to September 2024.

Overview of rolling stock deliveries in Russia

The rolling stock, in particular, must have a design speed of at least 160 km/h, an average acceleration of 0.9 m/s2, and at least 718 seats. The application deadline ends on October 18th.

Earlier this year, CSPC held a tender for the supply of 19 electric trains for 14.1 billion rubles. and 6 trains for 8.5 billion rubles. (all 11-carriage).

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