ČD launched a modern rolling stock maintenance workshop in Brno

A modern workshop for the maintenance and repair of railway rolling stock of the Czech Railways was put into operation in Brno-Maloměřice. It was built in about two years and will be used mainly for servicing the railcars of electric trains in the South Moravian Region. This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply referring to the information of the České dráhy

modern rolling stock maintenance workshop
Picture: www.casopisczechindustry.cz

The workshop has two tracks, each over 150 m long. The equipment includes inspection ditches with several entrances, bridges for servicing units on the roof of the rolling stock, mobile platforms and an overhead crane with a lifting capacity of 11 tons.

There are testing laboratories for transformer substations and electrical equipment for both voltage systems (AC and DC). A device for cleaning vacuum toilets has been installed. Also, energy-saving LED lamps are used in the room. Heating of observation ditches is provided for the comfort of employees.

The workshop has the ability to service entire long trains, in particular the 132-meter InterPanter. Previously, they had to be disbanded, which increased the downtime for the duration of the work. It will also be possible to put simultaneously up to two RegioPanter trains on one track. All this will significantly reduce the repair time and allow the rolling stock to return to service faster.

The construction cost 255 million kroons (8.5 million euros). The preparation of the project began in 2016, and the implementation took place in 2019-2020.

Czech Railways continue to modernize capacities at its other enterprises as well. A new center for servicing modern wagons is currently under construction in Pilsen. Preparations are also underway for the construction of a repair shop in Cheb.


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