A battery-powered locomotive is being tested in Poland

The Polish company Zarmen Group, which specializes in the provision of services in the field of construction and maintenance of heavy industry enterprises, has developed a shunting locomotive on lithium-ion batteries, informs Railway Supply magazine

A battery-powered locomotive is being tested in Poland

According to Zarmen specialists, the locomotive has already passed internal commissioning tests and is just beginning testing at the Institute of Railway Transport, which is necessary to obtain a permit for operation. Perhaps this will happen later this year.

The ultimate goal of Zarmen is to create a fully autonomous locomotive – such a solution would reduce maintenance costs and increase safety. At the moment, the first necessary stage has been implemented: the locomotive can be controlled completely remotely, without a driver (although the traditional way of control is also possible).

This is the first project like this in Poland, unlike Bulgaria, where Express Service OOD successfully manufactures and sells battery-powered shunting locomotives


ES3000 battery-electric shunter