The Far East Land Bridge (FELB) transport company, in collaboration with European technology provider PEOPLE, has tested the newly developed Smart Container 2.0 and completed a test drive, reports railway magazine Railway Supply.

New Smart Container takes a test drive

The railway route between Suzhou (China) and Duisburg (Germany) marked the entry of Black Technology Smart Container 2.0 into the transport market. It was developed by PEOPLE, which characterizes it as the most “green and smart”.

Automation solutions for container, intermodal and railway terminals

A special feature of the innovation is the replacing of traditional wood with recyclable material so the 2.0 container has become 250 kg lighter than usual. This means that it can carry heavier loads under the same conditions.

“Based on the current global container traffic, we will be able to transport 42 million tons of cargo per year without any additional costs and carbon emissions,” predicted Sotirios Ptotios, senior director and co-founder of PEOPLE.

“During the production of aircraft, designers try to keep weight as low as possible. Lighter is more efficient. Therefore, we have extended this technology to land and sea, as well as to the container shipping industry. With small changes, we can achieve breakthroughs and large-scale benefits, ”explained Sotirios Ptochos.

According to experts, apart from the weight of the container 2.0, its characteristics are no different from the usual ones. It can be used on all types of transport. Also container 2.0 connection is supported by smart technology. It has tracking equipment that shows the movement of the container in real time. In 2021, PEOPLE launched 400 2.0 containers.

“Our advertising campaign has not officially started yet, but many companies have already shown interest. The biggest problem now is the supply of containers. We communicate with large manufacturing plants and hope that we will be able to supply 2 million in 5 years, ”said the senior director of the company.

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