The Belgrade City Council approved a master plan for the development of the metro, as well as the expansion of suburban rail and tram networks, and preliminary work has begun to clear the area for the future metro depot.

construction of the Belgrade metro

The plan, adopted on November 9, includes detailed proposals for the first phase of the metro construction, as well as ambitious plans to expand the commuter rail network to 223 km and the construction of 76 stations, including new lines to Surcin and Obrenovac, as well as a tram network that will expand by 42.6 km.

We are building the railway of the future: the Belgrade-Budapest railway connects us to Europe

Initial clearing of the metro depot site began on 22 November.

construction of the Belgrade metro

It is expected that agreements on the construction of the depot will be signed in February 2022, and in July – agreements on the construction of the first metro line.

Major construction work will begin in May 2023 and tunneling will begin in the summer of 2023. It is planned to build two metro lines.

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