Traffic through the Porzhichany station was resumed on all three tracks after 13:00. After fixing the results of the accident, only one track was used from seven in the morning. Traffic at this location has been suspended since Monday evening. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Kurier Kolejowy.

CD Cargo
Picture: Správa železnic

“At night in Porzhichany, we managed to get on the rails and tow both empty tanks. In the early morning, firefighters also removed the overturned locomotive from the rails,” said Dusan Gavenda, a spokesman for the Railways Authority.

The corridor was blocked on Monday after 17:00. According to preliminary data, the ČD Cargo train with benzene passed a stop signal and drove into a dead end, after which it collided with an overpass. As a result of the collision, the locomotive and two tanks derailed, two people were injured. The Railway Inspectorate estimated the damage at 4 million kroons, of which 1.5 million kroons for the railway infrastructure and 2.5 million kroons for the train.

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