In order to provide passengers traveling from Russia to the Kaliningrad region with access to objective information, Lithuanian Railways have included free wireless internet at Keno and Kyba railway stations.

Lithuanian Railways

It is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to LTG Link.

Passengers from Moscow, Adler and St. Petersburg can use the Internet for an hour while transit trains stop at stations.

When they connect to the Internet, they first go to the welcome page: “Welcome to the land of the free! We don’t want you to be jailed in Russia for news that can be read and shared online. Therefore, we invite you to use it here and now without restrictions – you can watch it all the time while the train is at the station.”

But there is a prerequisite for this – access to the Internet is possible only by viewing photos with the tragic events of the Russian war in Ukraine and clicking on the button “I want to know the truth about Russia’s war in Ukraine.”

Glory to Ukraine!

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