Day of the Railway Worker of Ukraine!

From the first days of russian military aggression, Ukrainian railway workers are caught in the turmoil. They serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, fight as a partisan, evacuate people, volunteer, fight on the information front, perform their direct duties despite the danger… they die…

Ukrainian Railway Day

On November 04, 2022, Ukrainian railway workers celebrate their professional holiday “Day of the Railway Worker of Ukraine”.

Dear colleagues, dear railway workers! The editorial team of the Railway Supply information portal congratulate you on your professional holiday! We wish that your life always follow the right direction like a railway. We wish you the green light for all your undertakings, plans and dreams. May success, prosperity and career growth accompany you. Take care of yourself! Take care of your loved ones! Remember the heroes…

We can do everything, we will rebuild everything! Glory to the Ukrainian railway workers!

Kind regards,

Editor in Chief

Batrak Alexander

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