The damage from the military aggression of the Russian Federation for the railway infrastructure and rolling stock of Ukraine exceeded $2.5 billion.

Railway infrastructure and rolling stock

Railway Supply writes about this with reference to an updated assessment of the damage to the Ukrainian economy, carried out as part of the KSE Institute’s “Russia will pay” project.

Over the week, direct losses to the Ukrainian economy due to the military aggression launched by the Russian Federation increased by $12.2 billion and as of April 11 reached $80.4 billion, or UAH 2.4 trillion.

The total damage to the Ukrainian economy due to the war ranges from 564 to 600 billion dollars. In addition to infrastructure damage, this also includes indirect losses. For example, the decline in GDP, the cessation of investment, the outflow of labor, additional defense spending and social support, writes Rail.insider.

During the 47 days of Russian aggression in Ukraine, at least 23 000 km of roads and 37 000 m2 of housing stock have been damaged, destroyed or seized. At least 277 bridges and bridge crossings, 10 military airfields, eight airports and two ports were affected.

Thus, the losses in the transport industry amounted to:

roads — $28.965 billion;
civil airports — $6.816  billion;
railway infrastructure and rolling stock — $2.532 billion;
bridges and bridge crossings — $1.555 billion;
ports and port infrastructure — $622 million;
military airfields — $390 million.

Among the industry, metallurgy, coke-chemical and oil refineries, as well as mechanical engineering suffered the greatest losses. According to the estimates of the project analysts, the total amount of direct documented damage to the industry amounted to $6.25 billion.

As previously reported, during the month of the war, damage to transport infrastructure during the war amounted to almost $40 billion.

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