Since the beginning of the year, the production of wagons has decreased in Russia. This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to RZD-Partner.

Wagon production in Russia

The Association of Railway Equipment Manufacturers (OPZT) presented preliminary data on the production of rolling stock by transport engineering enterprises for four months of 2022. In particular, in January-April, the production of freight cars in the Russian Federation decreased by 3.4%, passenger cars – by 40.3%.

During the four months of this year, 19.5 thousand railcars were produced, which is 3.4% less than in the same period last year. Then 20.1 thousand freight cars were built. The output of diesel locomotives also decreased by 3.8% from 183 to 176 sections. At the same time, the production of electric locomotives increased by 6.1%: last year, 77 locomotives were produced during the reporting period, this year – 94.

The production of passenger cars decreased by 40.3% – from 196 to 117 units. The output of multiple unit rolling stock increased by 22.3% – 203 units were produced against 166 last year. The production of track equipment also increased – from 42 to 65 units, or by 54.8%. It is interesting that this year, according to the OPZT, not a single rail bus car has been produced yet. For comparison: 22 units were built last year.

Earlier it was predicted that this year the production of freight cars in the Russian Federation will be reduced by at least 20%. Also, innovative wagons in the Russian Federation are sent to layover.

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