In April 2022, the Ukrainian company “Pluton” completed the modernization of the existing ground-based substation “Albano”, which is located between two stations of the Red Line – “Tekniska högskolan” and “Universitetet”.

Metro modernization

This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to the Ukrainian manufacturer.

The Stockholm metro is the only one in Sweden and a source of special pride for the inhabitants of the city. The Stockholm Metro regularly tops the rankings of the most beautiful subways in the world and has the longest art gallery in the world with a length of 110 kilometers.

The Stockholm subway consists of three lines that have an unusual structure: the metro lines converge in the center, and branch out at the ends. 48 of the 100 stations are located above ground, while the remaining 52 have ground and elevated platforms.

As part of the project, for the first time, the Ukrainian manufacturer introduced a modern high-power rectifier “diode-fuse” in a withdrawable design with a rated current of 7 kA, capable of operating under overload conditions: 10.5 kA for 2 hours.

Metro modernization

Line feeders with quick-acting circuit breakers are used for a rated current of 8 kA, which ensures resistance to an unusually high load level.

Also, the IEC 61850 energy protocol was implemented at the Albano substation, which unites all technological equipment and systems at the substation with a unified information network, ensuring operational and safe control and integration into the control system of other levels.

Metro modernization

Even in the difficult conditions of martial law in Ukraine, Pluto does not stop its activities.

The company plans to continue developing high-tech solutions for traction power supply facilities for public electric transport, and to continue implementing projects throughout Europe and beyond.

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