The branch “Ukrainian Fast-speed Railway Company” celebrated its 11th anniversary. Andrey Umanets, director of the branch, noted on his Facebook page:

“A year ago, we congratulated each other on the anniversary of the company, met 33 million passengers, planned new routes and services for passengers, discussed the construction of a new workshop for servicing fast-speed trains, and made plans for the future.

But two days later, the war changed everything, dividing life into “before” and “after”. During this year, more than 2.5 million passengers traveled with us, we evacuated about 170,000 passengers along with their pets, and transported tons of humanitarian aid. And then we rejoiced when people returned home by our trains.


Yes, we survived, did and are doing everything for the sake of approaching our Victory and the security of Ukrainians. I thank all our employees, stewards, machinists for their fruitful work, sometimes without days off and breaks, for your strength, endurance and dedication to our common cause. We believe and pray that we celebrate the 12th anniversary of the company in our free, peaceful Ukraine, the victorious country!”

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