During the “Infrastructure Day 2022” of the European Business Association, Chairman of the Board of UZ Oleksandr Kamyshin said that he does not see the need to allow foreign locomotives operate within border stations in Ukraine, as the company copes with transportation. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Rail.insider.


“I represent a Ukrainian state-owned company. We will agree to such conditions only if we cannot do it on our own. As long as we calmly do it ourselves. I understand that this is a phantom pain from the past, when the railway did not have enough locomotives. Enough today. We do our best to keep them going. Therefore, we will not do this just to open a passage through Ukraine for someone,” he said.

According to the head of UZ, the company, on the contrary, is trying to promote its traction services abroad. As you know, UZ locomotives are participating in the project for the transportation of Ukrainian goods in transit through Moldova.

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At the same time, Denis Orlov, authorized representative of Freightliner in Ukraine, considers it necessary to allow locomotives of EU carriers to run to border stations.

“Since Ukraine is an associated member of the EU, our government should allow foreign certified carriers who have contracts with Ukrzaliznytsia to travel with their certified diesel locomotives to the nearest stations in Ukraine, in particular, to Kovel. This will help solve the problem of traction rolling stock, which is very scarce in Ukraine. In addition to the shortage of locomotives, we have issues with fuel and spare parts for them. All this restricts movement. Meanwhile, the admission of European carriers could relieve the burden on the Ukrainian national carrier,” he said.

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