The Kharkiv City Hall informed about the state of public urban transport. Russian occupying troops bombed substations and depots in Kharkiv. Because of that, trams in the city will not run for a long time.

Kharkiv trams

There will also be difficulties with the launch of the metro, especially the Saltovskaya branch, told Yuriy Sidorenko, Director of the Department for Information and Public Relations of the Kharkiv City Council, reports the railway magazine Railway Supply.

Through the actions of “dirty hunters for toilet bowls and worn women’s underwear”, there are no more trams in Kharkiv. The substations that provided their work were destroyed. The depot was destroyed,” he said.

Kharkiv trams

After the end of the war, the launch of the metro will also not be immediate.

“After the war, one and a half to two months will be spent only on preparing for the launch of the subway. I will also say that there will be difficulties with the Saltovskaya branch – it will go much later than the other two. Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov is now working with specialists to optimize public transport routes, which primarily concerns the possibility of delivering Saltovka residents to the center, to Zhuki and Alekseevka. In the coming months, a huge role in this will be played by the organization of traffic on the Spusk Vesnina, which connects the city center with Saltovka. One of the main ideas of this optimization is the priority of public transport, its environmental friendliness and convenience for Kharkiv residents and the new geography of routes. The tram will be replaced by a trolleybus or municipal buses,” Sidorenko specified.

Kharkiv trams

According to him, the previously planned reconstruction of the Spusk Vesnina has already begun, despite the hostilities.

“The reconstruction of the Spusk Vesnina with the expansion of the roadway was planned long ago, and the start of work was planned for March this year. But then a dirty Russian soldier came and the deadlines shifted a little. However, the war is not a reason to abandon plans to improve the transport infrastructure of Kharkiv. And, no matter how strange it may sound, now, when there are almost no cars in the city, the reconstruction that has begun will bring a minimum of inconvenience to those citizens who stayed in Kharkiv.”

Kharkiv trams

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