CTL Logistics has put up 70 tank wagons and 3 diesel locomotives for sale.

used wagons

The first tender included 70 tank wagons for sulfuric acid. As specified in the message, almost all of them can be used in the future.

Applications for the purchase are accepted until October 22, 2021. Then the participants will have to wait for the second stage of the procedure, that is, an electronic auction or meeting, informs Railway Supply magazine.

Companies can also inspect the rolling stock after an appointment.

Another auction concerns the sale of 3 SM48 diesel locomotives. These are six-axle shunting locomotives of Soviet origin, called TEM2 (“Tamara”).

They were made at two plants – Bryansk machine-building and Voroshilovgrad diesel locomotive (later – “Luganskteplovoz”). In Poland they were named SM48.

The company put up for sale:

– SM48-140 of 1980,
– SM48-226 of 1983,
– SM48-253 of 1986.

“All locomotives are out of order due to the expiration of their certificate,” the message says.

Locomotives can be viewed by appointment.

And just like with the wagons, the procedure will be two-stage. Bids can be submitted until October 22. The chosen ones will be invited to the second stage of the procedure – an electronic auction or a meeting.

As previously reported, Latvian Railways has sold 200 wagons to a company specializing in scrap. At the same time, the State Enterprise “Railway of Moldova” (Calea Ferată din Moldova) plans to sell about 100 locomotives that have not been in operation for more than 25 years.

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