Rosstandart approved GOST for aluminum railcars. It will come into effect on April 1, 2022  in Russia.

rolling stock bodies


The new standard is expected to bring significant cost savings to manufacturers of aluminum alloy rolling stock bodies, reports Railway Supply magazine citing ROLLINGSTOCK.

The document contains requirements for the design, manufacture, repair and quality control of joints of welded parts of freight car bodies, including tank cars, multi-unit rolling stock made of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

The new GOST defines welding technologies and provides acceptable restrictions, as well as examples of defects and ways to correct them.

With regard to the safety of aluminum railcars, the document contains determinations of the endurance limits of welded joints made of aluminum alloys at different stress amplitudes acting on the structures of the railcar bodies.

The draft standard, the idea of ​​which was proposed by RUSAL, was first presented for public discussion in September 2018. The document was developed by experts from research institutes and Aluminum Association.

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