On the air of TV show on channel Russia 1, propagandist Olga Skabeeva was indignant at the stable operation of the Ukrainian railway, as well as the visits of foreign politicians to Kyiv through it, despite the shelling.

Missile strikes on the railway

It is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply.

“There is still no military expert who would explain why we still cannot destroy the railways of Ukraine for 2.5 months, which, for some incredible reasons, are still used for the supply of Western weapons and on a daily basis they bring more and more diplomats from the European Union … Now the Americans have become more frequent,” said the propagandist.

In response, one of the guests present at the studio said that Ukraine has a developed transport network. “Firstly, Ukraine has a developed network of railways and highways. In general, the railway is being restored within one day, the bridge, depending on the damage, within a week,” the “expert” noted.

“Following your logic, there was no need to even start if everything is so easily restored,” sheconcluded.

The corresponding recording of the broadcast was published by a number of Ukrainian Telegram channels.

Recall that the Russian invaders continue to launch missile attacks on the railway infrastructure of Ukraine. So, on the morning of May 20, several missiles exploded near the railway station in the city of Malin. Prior to that, on the night of May 16-17, the railway infrastructure was damaged in one of the villages of the Yavoriv region.

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