Late last year, Express Service OOD delivered an ES3000 battery-powered shunting locomotive to the Voutré quarry in France.

battery shunting locomotive

ES3000 successfully shunts 24-wagon trains, transporting goods and handing them over to a rail carrier. The ES3000 shunting locomotive does an excellent job of handling long and heavy trains on the industrial railway line and at Voutré station.

The buyer – Société des Carri ères de Voutré – decided to buy the Bulgarian ES3000 battery powered shunting locomotive in order to achieve:

  • Efficiency in shunting work;
  • Decarbonization of its railway line;
  • Silent operations for the locals.

All tasks were successfully solved by the Bulgarian rolling stock manufacturer and implemented in the ES3000 battery shunting locomotive.

battery shunting locomotive

Two ES1000 battery-powered shunting locomotives by Express Service are going to Great Britain!

Another interesting fact is that the French government encourages decarbonization and real efficiency of railway operations, in addition, there are financial incentives to eliminate harmful emissions in railway transport.

The advantage of the ES3000 locomotive is the ability to control it with one person, who carries out shunting and loading work, remotely controls the train and positions it back to the station. This is the model of efficiency in shunting that can be achieved with the help of Express Service OOD shunting techniques.

Express Service OOD

Express Service is the Eastern European leader in offering new shunting locomotives. Bulgaria based company has developed several series of diesel and battery powered shunters that cover most industrial, in-yard or even light train service duties.

Express Service OOD
DZS, Ruse 7011, Bulgaria
Tel. +359 88 7412838

battery shunting locomotive

battery shunting locomotive

battery shunting locomotive

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