Specialists of the KUPRYKKURYLISH Trust, which is a part of Uzbekistan Temir Yullari JSC, are intensively working on the construction of a new railway and road bridge across the Amu Darya.

new connecting railway and road bridge

This was reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to JSC “Uzbekistan Temir Yullari”.

To date, earthworks have been completed on the 80.2-kilometer-long section of the project. 115 units of modern equipment and about 240 specialists are involved at the construction site.

On the railway lines “Shavat – Gurlen – Dzhumurtau – Koybakli” 4059.4 thousand m3 (94%) of 4514.20 thousand m3 of lifting earthworks were performed. 14.2 kilometers (16%) of the total amount of works on laying 80.2 kilometers of railways were performed. Structures of artificial water supply structures were made and construction and installation works were performed on 162 out of 233.

Railway Supply Media kit 2022

We will remind that according to the specified project, construction of the railway line with a total length of 80,2 kilometers where 20 railway crossings will be located is realized. In addition, it is planned to build 4 overpasses and 9 bridges. Also, construction of 3 railway stations is planned on this section.

new connecting railway and road bridge

The length of the bridge is 413 meters, width – 8 meters, each span – 66 meters. The project will install only 7 columns and 6 spans. Currently, construction work is underway on both banks of the river. The supports of the future building are being installed in stages.

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