The production unitary enterprise Vitebsk Sawmill, which is part of the Estonian investment group Kaamos, has ordered a batch of new generation platforms for timber transportation from the United Wagon Company.


The delivery of new wagons is planned by the end of the first quarter of 2022, informs Railway Supply magazine referring to UWC.

The platform of model 13-6895 significantly surpasses standard counterparts due to its design advantages, increased carrying capacity of 72.5 tons and increased cargo volume up to 158 m3.

UWC will supply VTG Rail Russia with 100 platform cars

These features make it possible to additionally load up to 30 cubic meters of timber into the wagon. The increased load ensures the economy of the required fleet of vehicles while maintaining the volume of traffic. According to its characteristics, the UWC flat car is optimally balanced for the transportation of three types of timber transported in bulk on a 1520 mm track.

To service the rolling stock on its routes in the 1520 mm gauge area, there is a network of UWC authorized service centers with the necessary turnover of spare parts and components.

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