Refrigerated car with the bodies of Russian soldiers. The well-known Arabic TV channel Al Jazeera published a report showing a refrigerated car with the bodies of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine.

Refrigerated car with the bodies of Russian soldiers

It is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to Rail.insider. According to journalists, the video was filmed in the Kyiv region.

The report shows bags with bodies in the form of the Russian army, the label of a body armor made in Russia, chevrons, indicating that the dead soldiers belong to specific military units or elite airborne troops.

Also, during the inspection, there were many stolen jewelry found among the personal possessions of the dead occupants.

The report says that the Russian side does not want to take these bodies. As previously reported, in early March, UZ provided, but then withdrew, refrigerator cars to collect the bodies of the Russian occupants.

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