Talgo has awarded Renfe a € 281.5 million contract for the production of up to 40 new variable-gauge locomotives.

Talgo wins a 281.5 million euro contract with Renfe
Picture: Talgo

Spanish national operator Renfe has signed a contract with Talgo for the production of up to 40 new variable-gauge locomotives wit a speeds up to 330 km/h for a total of 281.5 million euros, in addition to a contract for the supply of 26 power units worth 195.5 million euros, which will allow upgrading 13 conventional trains into high-speed trains.

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Thus, the operator ensures the continuity of the first contract, signed in February 2018, for the modernization of trains, informs Railway Supply magazine, citing Talgo.

The contracted 26 locomotives will be used to provide traction for each of the 13 trains that are already being modernized. This will maximize infrastructure capacity on high-performance lines and significantly reduce travel times at destinations they do not yet cover.

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Talgo Avril trains are energy efficient and currently undergoing a test phase with daily dynamic tests on the Venta de Bagnos Burgos section of the Madrid-Valladolid-Basque Country high-speed line.

As part of the tests required for technical verification, these powertrains of the new Talgo Avril will soon be operating at speeds of over 360 km/h, paving the way for the subsequent commissioning of 13 modernized conventional trains.


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