Special train from China delivered medicines to Poland

A special freight train from China with medicines arrived at the Malaszewicz terminal in Poland. In its wagons there are protective suits for doctors, personal protective equipment, syringes and equipment intended for the Agency for Material Reserves. This is the first dedicated rail transport from China to Europe in 2021 with funds to fight Covid-19 informs railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to raportkolejowy.pl.

Special train
Picture: raportkolejowy.pl

The transportation was initiated by Zarys International Group. Last year, in 2020, the company delivered almost 20 thousand cubic meters of similar goods to the country by air.

The cargo with a volume of more than 4 thousand cubic meters was divided into two trains. The first of them brought 20 railway platforms with containers filled with medicines. The second is 41 containers. Transportation by rail from China took approximately 14 days.


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