Slovak Republic Railways will need 223 million euros to maintain infrastructure

To maintain the railway infrastructure in good condition in 2021, Slovak Republic Railways will need 223 million euros from the state budget for next year. This is the opinion of the director of the Institute of Transport and Economics (IDH) Ondrej Matej, reports the railway magazine Railway Supply соreferring to Ekonomika.

Railways to maintain infrastructure

According to the expert, funding for ŽSR in the approved state budget is insufficient.

In addition, operating liabilities of about 350 million euros arising over the past period will increase without financing.

Transport Minister Andrej Doležal acknowledged that the approved state budget for 2021 is a disaster for ŽSR and said that the rescue plan is a recovery plan.

“We would like to warn the minister that the renewal and sustainability plan will not be able to finance the operation of railway infrastructure, production consumption or co-financing of investments from EU funds,” adds Ondrej Matej.


Slovac Railways (ŽSR): Contract for modernization of railway infrastructure

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