For one billion kroons, Škoda Pars will provide maintenance services for Panthers ČD over the next five years. Škoda Transportation Group will provide periodic maintenance of the RegioPanter and InterPanter ČD electrical units at its Sumperk plant for the next five years.

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The contract is worth almost a billion kroons, informs Railway Supply magazine, citing Kurier Kolejowy.

The framework contract covers regular maintenance of electrical units RegioPanter 440, 640, 650 and InterPanter 660 and 661. Regular maintenance will take place for a total of 41 units.

In March, Škoda Pars was also awarded a maintenance contract (formerly periodic repairs) for the 471 series electric units (CityElefant). Until now, this has been done by the ČD subsidiary DPOV, but it does not have enough processing capacity. So the companies will share the work.

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