About 70 ships are blocked in the seaports of Ukraine, six ships under a foreign flag remained in the Mariupol seaport.

Blocked ships in Mariupol port

This was announced by Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Yuriy Vaskov and director of the State Enterprise “Mariupol Commercial Sea Port” Igor Barsky at a briefing on Friday, reports Railway Supply magazine with reference to Interfax-Ukraine.

“Today, almost 70 vessels are blocked in ports from which it is impossible to navigate. The worst situation for the crews was in Mariupol, because in other ports the crews had the opportunity to evacuate by land,” the Deputy Minister said.

According to Igor Barsky, six foreign-flagged ships remain in the Mariupol port, which are still blocked, some will no longer be able to leave it without appropriate repairs by the shipyard. However, the plant itself is also practically destroyed, the director of the port noted.

“Now we are collecting all possible information about the enterprise, about port workers, 1 660 people out of 3 000 responded. We also have information about 23 dead employees of the enterprise. But we are paying salaries to people, preparing for the return, making plans to reopen the enterprise. The Ministry of Infrastructure helps us in these matters,” the head of the port said.

According to him, the damage and destruction of the port in Mariupol is difficult to assess today, but there is information that almost all buildings are partially or completely destroyed.

“But we believe that as soon as the port would be liberated, we will be able to resume some work in the shortest possible time,” the director of the enterprise emphasized.

As previously reported, MIU officially closed 4 ports.

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