Currently, repairs are being carried out on the territory of Belarus of locomotives that are operated at the enterprises of the so-called DPR. In fact, the Belarusian company providing services in this type of work is assisting the Russian occupation authorities on the territory of the Donetsk region of Ukraine. This is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to the Community of Belarusian Railway Workers.


In Volkovysk, it is planned to carry out a major overhaul of five diesel locomotives that follow from the Enakievo station as part of a freight train. These diesel locomotives are used to operate at the Enakievo Metallurgical Plant, which has been passed into illegal posession from Metinvest to persons who position themselves as representatives of the authorities of the so-called DPR.

Queue of wagons at the border has been reduced to less than 15,000.

The overhaul of a diesel locomotive is a very time-consuming task and requires the involvement of a large number of specialists, the consumption of spare parts and materials, the use of a large amount of energy-intensive complex equipment and tools. It implies the presence of a specialized place for this repair.

The limited liability company “IK Lokomotiv-service” took up the task. It is noteworthy that this enterprise is a car service station. This is also confirmed by the photographs of this service station, where there are only lifts for cars, and no repair stalls for locomotives are provided. The situation is partially clarified by the information about the director, who is one of the former heads of the locomotive economy service of the Belarusian Railways Department. For a long time he oversaw the repair of locomotives and rolling stock throughout the BelZhD.

It is obvious that for this purpose it is planned to use the capacities of the Lida and Volkovysk locomotive depots. That’s where the locomotives go. But then the following logical question arises: how is such a big event coordinated with the Belarusian Railway? Who agreed with whom and under what conditions? Are there any such agreements, formalized with the necessary documents?

In any case, the situation with the repair of locomotives from the Donetsk region on the territory of Belarus in the conditions of the war between Ukraine and Russia is very similar to the situation with the provision of Belarus its territory to accommodate the Russian army.

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