Serbia plans to modernize railway in the amount of 3.3 billion euros

In the current decade, Serbia plans to implement a € 3.3 billion program to reconstruct 3,735 km of national railways in order to improve operational efficiency, environmental sustainability and develop regional ties. The project includes work on the deployment of the European train management system ERTMS / ETCS, the elimination of speed limits, as well as measures to increase the carrying capacity in freight traffic, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to Zdmira.

to modernize railway

The program aims to increase the volume of passenger traffic by 5%, increase the share of railways in freight traffic by 10% and reduce the number of fatal accidents (occurring mainly at level crossings) by 23%.

Albania railway modernization

This initiative will receive financial support from international institutions: on March 17, 2021, the World Bank and the French agency Agence Française de Développement (AFD) agreed on the allocation of $ 62.5 million to finance the first stage of three, totaling $ 400 million.

According to the World Bank experts, the railway modernization program is in line with the plans for Serbia’s accession to the EU, including the commitments under the Green Deal environmental initiative.


UZ invested UAH 140 million in the repair of locomotives of the Donetsk railway