During the online meeting of UZ with Hungarian carriers, the most problematic, from the point of view of the accumulation of wagons, Batievo-Eperjeske railway crossing on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border was discussed. One of the reasons is the rolling stock owned by the Russian Federation and Belarus, which has been idle for a long time on the station tracks from the Hungarian side and limits the throughput. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Rail.insider.

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Today there are already 4,650 wagons in Batievo, although at the beginning of the month there were 3,800. According to a representative of the Uzhgorod Directorate of Railway Transportation, the problem is in receiving wagons.

“We used to operate 4-5 trains a day without any questions. The problem is that at the Eperjeske station, maneuverability has decreased. And this happened due to the fact that there are 480 empty Russian cars on 8 tracks. Issue and return them, as the Slovaks and Romanians did. Your maneuverability will increase and everything will be fine,” the representative of the directorate emphasized. He added that the vast majority of wagons from Ukraine go to the carrier Rail Cargo Hungary.

The war in Ukraine and the feat of the railroad workers

The situation at the Batievo-Eperjeske crossing is by far the most problematic in general among all the crossings with the EU countries.

In turn, a representative of the Hungarian infrastructure operator MAV confirmed that wagons are idle on the 1520 mm track, however, according to him, a slightly smaller number – 462 units. Hungarian enterprises are suffering because of this situation. In particular, the recently opened modern and powerful East-West Gate terminal cannot pick up wagons from the Eperjeske station due to a lack of free tracks.

“We accept trains and see problems. Ukrainian colleagues are completely right. Trains cannot approach the terminal due to the fact that there are no free tracks at the Eperjeske station,” said Janos Talosi, general director of the terminal. According to him, on November 21, a train from Ukraine was expected at the terminal, but MAV could not accept it due to the lack of free tracks. The train arrived only the next day. Meanwhile, the terminal can receive 5-6 trains daily. Janos Talosi added that the company applied to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary and, perhaps, soon the issue of clearing the tracks at the Eperjeske station will be resolved.

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