Russian Railways made good money on foreign activities

In 2020, Russian Railways’ revenue from foreign operations amounted to 483 billion rubles (over 5 billion euros). This is 10% above the target, but 1.3% below the 2019 level, informs railway magazine Railway Supply

Russian Railways made good money on foreign activities

This amount is made up of income from transit, international logistics and project implementation abroad.

In particular, it is noted that in 2020 the volume of transit container traffic through the Russian Railways network reached 831 thousand TEU, which is 34.4% higher than the level of the previous year, including the most popular direction China – Europe – China (561 thousand TEU transported (+ 62%)).

At present, the Agroexpress project is being implemented to deliver agricultural products to China.

“The European market continues to update the legal framework of relations with organizations and companies in Poland and Finland. A comprehensive roadmap for cooperation with the National Railway Society of France has been updated, ”the information says.

In 2021 Russian Railways was tasked with receiving revenue from foreign activities at the end of the year at the level of RUB 500 billion, including RUB 108.9 billion – from transit container traffic (with a volume of 914 thousand TEU), 376.5 billion – from international logistics and 14.6 billion rubles – from foreign projects.


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