Russia, Hungary and Austria have formed a joint venture to take on the role of freight forwarder and logistics provider on the New Silk Road.

Russia, Hungary and Austria create a joint venture on the New Silk Road

This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to RailFreight.

The partnership, in which the holdings Russian Railways, CER Cargo Holding (Hungary) and Rail Cargo Group (Austria) participate, was signed on Tuesday, December 14, in Budapest.

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The main focus of the newly formed team will be on cargo transportation from the provinces of China to southern Europe and the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, via Russia, Hungary and vice versa.

Россия, Венгрия и Австрия создают совместное предприятие

The route through Ukraine will be of particular importance, since this route serves this particular part of Europe in the Eurasian corridor.

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