DB Netz received the country’s first mobile maintenance system built by Robel for use in specialized track maintenance work. It is reported by the Railway Supply magazine with reference to the Railway Gazette.

Robel MMS

The three-vehicle MMS is formed of a traction and supply unit with crew accommodation, toilet facilities and a workshop, an intermediate car for the storage, loading and unloading of material and tools, and an open-floor maintenance unit with two high-performance cranes and extending side walls where track work can be undertaken under cover and fully protected.

A contract was signed for the design of the construction of the Latvian section of Rail Baltica

Once the train has brought the crew, tools and materials to the job site, the open floor telescoping work module can be deployed at the touch of a button, creating a fully protected and illuminated job site where all activities can take place inside the vehicle.

Robel MMS

This machine is similar to the MMS units that Robel has supplied to Austria, Norway and the Netherlands, as well as to Network Rail in the UK and JR East in Japan.

The maintenance train is changing work processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs, but most importantly, this train is designed for people, for a safe and ergonomic working environment on the track, the company said.

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