Two passenger trains collided near the town of Milavche. According to the emergency services, at least two people were killed.

Railway disaster in the Czech Republic - more than 50 people were injured
Picture: ZS Plzeňského kraje

A collision occurred between the stations Domollice and Blizhejov. Representatives of the Czech Railways report that the Cheb-Prague train collided with a local passenger train.

According to Transport Minister Karel Havlicek, one of the drivers ignored the semaphore and stop signal at the Radonice junction.

Train accidents happened in Taiwan and the Czech Republic

According to the latest data from law enforcement agencies, about 50 people were injured. Seven people are in critical condition. The head of the rescue operation said that most likely the drivers of both trains were killed.

An ambulance and fire trucks were dispatched to the scene. Four helicopters are also involved in the rescue operation.


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