An unusual accident occurred at the Zidani Most station in Slovenia. One of the train carriages carrying a transformer for a Finnish customer derailed. The heavy device fell off the wagon and leaned against the retaining wall. There were not enough centimeters for the equipment to end up in the river. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Rynek Kolejowy.


According to Slovenian media, the incident occurred at 01:30 on January 7 at the interchange station Zidani-Most. At some point, when the train was on a sharp turn, a transformer weighing 290 tons, placed on special platform cars, fell off it. One person was seriously injured. We are talking about a man from the train crew, who was in a special compartment at the end of the train. The cabin at the time of the accident broke away from the car and fell into the Sava River. The man was fished out of the river and is in the hospital.

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Traffic through the station was blocked for several hours and is still experiencing problems due to the fact that one of the tracks was blocked at a very narrow station. Currently, the causes of the accident are being investigated, as well as the condition of very expensive equipment that fell out of the cars. There is a version that the train was passing through the station at too high a speed, which caused a loose transformer to slip at the turn.

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