The Estonian Transport Administration, in collaboration with Rail Baltic Estonia, has announced a tender for the construction of the Kangru transport interchange located on the border of the Kiili and Saku parishes, near Tallinn

The Kangru transport interchange will encompass the intersection of Viljandi Highway, the Kurna-Tuhala public road, and the Rail Baltica railway, reports Railway Supply, citing Rail Baltic Estonia.

As part of the project, a pedestrian and bicycle path will be built, connecting the village of Kangru to Lake Raku. The existing intersection of Viljandi Highway and Kurna-Tuhala will be transformed into a multi-level interchange to enhance traffic safety.

Furthermore, a 2.5-kilometer section of Viljandi Highway will be expanded to four lanes, and a new four-lane section will be located approximately 300-400 meters west of the existing route.

“The Kangru transport interchange, located near Tallinn, will be one of the largest road construction projects on the Estonian segment of Rail Baltica. It will intersect Viljandi Highway and the Rail Baltica railway, directly impacting the safety of road transport,” said Anvar Salomets, Chairman of Rail Baltic Eesti.

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The estimated cost of construction works is 23.5 million euros.

The construction project involves the creation of five reinforced concrete structures, including four viaducts and one pedestrian-cyclist tunnel. Three viaducts will cross the Rail Baltica railway line, while one will span the future four-lane Viljandi Highway.

One of the viaducts crossing the Rail Baltica route will be dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists. A pedestrian-cyclist tunnel will be constructed under Viljandi Highway to ensure a safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists.

The opening of bids for the construction tender is scheduled for the second half of 2023, with contract signing expected in the autumn of this year.

Construction will commence in the first half of 2024 and is expected to be completed no later than the first quarter of 2026.

The Estonian Transport Administration is the client for the construction works. Road sections will not be closed to traffic during the construction period.

The main Rail Baltica line in Estonia will span a length of 213 km, and this year a tender has been announced for the construction of a second section covering 30 km at a cost of 24 million euros. By mid-2024, 40 km of the railway will be built in Estonia.

Additionally, Rail Baltic Eesti has signed a contract with Ardanuy Ingenieria for the design of stations located in Harju County and Pärnu County.

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