PKP Cargo, PESA and Grupa Azoty want to work together to develop zero-emission freight rail transport.

hydrogen technologies in rail transport
Picture: Raport Kolejowy

The companies intend to jointly implement research and development projects aimed at developing optimal methods for using hydrogen to drive rail vehicles, as well as methods for transporting hydrogen and refueling rail vehicles, reports Railway Supply magazine citing Raport Kolejowy.

This decision is of key importance for the development of railway transport with a hydrogen engine in Poland and the creation of infrastructure related to the transportation, storage and refueling of hydrogen fuel.

The letter of intent, signed during the TRAKO International Railway Exhibition, opens a new stage of joint activities aimed at developing optimal solutions in these areas, based on the previous experience of partners.

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Grupa Azoty, a leader in the fertilizer and chemical industry in Europe and at the same time the largest hydrogen producer in Poland, is carrying out a number of activities to develop hydrogen technologies based on fuel cells.

These solutions can become the basis for the efficient development of hydrogen and ammonia production from renewable energy sources that can be used as fuel for rail transport.

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