Freight forwarding company LTG Cargo Ukraine, which began operations in Ukraine in 2021, begins the year by expanding the range of activities and introducing new freight forwarding services for customers.

Freight forwarding company LTG Cargo Ukraine

The company’s commercial manager Paulius Grubinskas says that this step will allow the company to intensify its activities in the freight market and provide services both in Ukraine and in international freight, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to LTG Cargo Ukraine.

The Ukrainian market is extremely large and complex. What did prompt this year expansion of the range of freight forwarding services for customers?

In fact, already during the founding of our company in Ukraine, the provision of forwarding services was one of its first tasks. The Ukrainian market has a large number of fleet operators and other transport companies, so all the conditions are created for the provision of forwarding services.

This service will first of all allow to intensify participation in the freight market. Although the competition in the market for this type of service is very high, we see that the need for quality and reliable services is even greater – even before the start of this activity, we received inquiries about the possibility of joint freight forwarding. Before we started providing these services, we wanted to mobilize a strong team, attract the right professionals who would meet high standards and have extensive experience in providing freight forwarding services in the Ukrainian railway sector.

Which customers are you targeting and what benefits can you offer them?

Our main advantage is the ability to cover a large area of ​​freight traffic. For customers who transport goods between Lithuania and Ukraine, we can offer the entire route in both Ukraine and Lithuania. If there is a need for customers in Ukraine, we can service the transit of customers’ goods through Belarus, and if necessary, we can provide opportunities for transit through Poland. This means that a customer who wants to transport cargo does not have to choose three different partners in each country. At the same time, we will strive to develop the ability to transport customers’ cargo through Lithuania and Klaipeda Seaport to other markets.

The whole process will be controlled by one company, which will save time and other customer resources, provide more efficient communication and better services. We can offer our customers a very wide range of services: rental and delivery of cars, terminal services, and now – freight forwarding. By working in different countries, we will be able to become more flexible and competitive and offer favorable prices. Now we see that we can offer even slightly lower than market standards freight rates.

One of the most important advantages is the provision of a wide range of services from one source. How do you plan to ensure synergies between the group’s companies operating in different countries?

We have been providing synergies since the first days of work in Ukraine and together with the main company LTG Cargo, which operates in Lithuania, we have signed an agreement on providing forwarding services on the Ukrainian market. We are already processing the first orders for container transportation. Working in both markets, we can use the experience gained, apply the competitive advantages provided by the group and thus ensure high quality and reliability of services. This year we plan to further develop the range of services and together with our partners to create freight corridors with different tracks to Western Europe, Scandinavia and Eastern countries and from them.

LTG Cargo Ukraine is developing rail freight in Ukraine, providing competitive rolling stock and freight services, and striving to strengthen logistics supply chains between Lithuania and Ukraine. 100 percent of the company’s shares belong to the Lithuanian railway freight company AB LTG Cargo, which is part of the Lithuanian state-owned company AB Lietuvos geležinkeliai and ranks 10th in the European Union in terms of freight traffic.

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