The new DB Cargo Polska flat wagon can be adjusted in length and can carry almost anything.

New DB Cargo Polska platform wagon presented
Picture: MS, Rynek Kolejowy

At Trako 2021, DB Cargo Polska presented an innovative freight car. The wagon allows to increase the throughput of the railway. It is produced in Rybnik.

This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to Rynek Kolejowy.

“We all know how to build with Lego bricks. Our innovative freight car operates in the same way. Due to the universal platform, we can quickly prepare it for the transportation of any cargo. It can be easily lengthened or shortened. This is a revolutionary paradigm shift in rail transport. Until now, the freight car has been a constant element from production to disposal, it has been used to transport the same goods, ” said Marek Staszek, President of the Management Board of DB Cargo Polska.

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DB Cargo offers a wagon that can be adapted to the goods that the customer wants to transport at the moment.

The change lies in the possibility of changing the loading unit. You can put a box on the wagon for transporting steel, you can put containers on it, you can transport wood or scrap metal. The details of the technical solutions were presented by Lukas Stokloza from the company’s plant in Rybnik, where the wagon was built.

“The freight car is fully operational. Its length is maximum 23.9 meters, but its length can be reduced to 12 meters. Most importantly, after changing the length or structure of the body, there is no need to create new documentation or apply for approval, because the possibility of changes is already included in the permits for the special car. ”

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