Lithuanian rail carrier LTG Link has announced the launch of a loyalty program for passengers. Registered users will accumulate points, which can then be exchanged for discounts on subsequent trips. This is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Nakolei.

LTG Link

The program is designed to encourage Lithuanians to use railroads as the most environmentally friendly mode of transport. To use the loyalty program, you need to create an account through the LTG Link website or mobile app. Points will then be awarded automatically when purchasing any tickets. The company calculated that by choosing the train over the car, each person saves 1 kilogram of CO2 over a distance of 17.42 kilometers traveled. According to these calculations, LTG Link will award virtual points for each kilogram of CO2 saved. For collecting 66.6 points, the passenger will receive a 2 euro discount for the next trip.

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