A special train from Ukraine has arrived in Lithuania. LTG Cargo, the freight transport company of the Lietuvos geležinkelių group, has returned a train of 36 wagons (25 grain carriers, 9 flatcars and 2 covered wagons) from Ukraine to Lithuania.

The rolling stock of this company was brought from territories less affected by the Russian invasion. It is planned that this season, as the volume of grain transportation grows, the restored wagons will replenish the fleet of wagons owned by the company and will be leased to Lithuanian grain producers. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to LTG Cargo.

LTG Cargo

With the outbreak of war, the transport of LTG Cargo wagons left in Ukraine to Lithuania was extremely difficult due to the requirements for different track gauges, customs procedures at the border with Ukraine, and the speed limits applied to this special train in Poland. The return of the wagons to Lithuania was carried out in cooperation with the subsidiary company LTG Cargo Ukraine, UZ and the Polish company PKP Cargo.

“The transportation of these grain carriers is important for two reasons. Firstly, it further strengthened the competence of our team in complex international transportation from Ukraine. At the same time, with the help of these grain carriers, we will be able to supplement the capacity needed to transport Lithuanian agricultural products. There is a growing need for efficient transportation of the country’s agricultural products – in August this year we transported 21% more than last year. We expect deliveries this year to be the same as in 2021, or even exceed them,” says Egle Šime, head of LTG Cargo.

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According to LTG Cargo, in August this year, more than 430,000 tons of Lithuanian agricultural products were transported by rail to the Klaipeda seaport. For comparison, last year the company transported about 360,000 tons during the same period.

The increase in traffic volumes is due to the harvest, active cooperation with customers, as well as the fact that this year LTG Cargo forms wagon sets even more efficiently (the full train is formed simultaneously and in one place without re-forming at intermediate stations) and correctly plans the necessary capacities for transporting these goods by rail.

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