The Minister of Communications and Transport of Lithuania Marius Skuodis submitted his resignation in connection with the extension of the transit of Belaruskali fertilizers through Lithuania, despite the imposition of sanctions against the Belarusian manufacturer.

транзита удобрений

The railway magazine Railway Supply writes about this with reference to the CFTS.

On December 9 the minister said that he was ready to take responsibility for the transit of Belaruskali fertilizers, which continues through Lithuania, and to leave his post. Then he expressed regret in connection with the current situation and noted that Lithuania has no experience in the implementation of sanctions of such a volume.

Also on December 10, Foreign Minister Gabrielyus Landsbergis submitted a letter of resignation due to the situation with Belaruskali.

Note that on August 9, the US, Canada and the UK introduced economic sanctions against Minsk due to human rights violations in Belarus.

Test locomotive passed by new railway section in Belarus

In particular, the United States imposed sanctions against a dozen Belarusian companies, including Belaruskali. They were put into effect on December 8. However, Belaruskali cargoes will pass through Lithuania until at least January.

According to the freight railway operator LTG Cargo, about 1 million tons of fertilizers are to be transported by rail in December, since the Belarusian side has already paid for the transportation of these goods in advance.

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