Lithuania closes the movement of trains through the Stasylos-Benyakoni railway border crossing from February 16. This is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to


Based on the request of the Lithuanian Railways, from 16.02.2023, the Directorate of the Railway Transport Council introduces a convection ban on the acceptance for transportation of all goods, as well as empty own and leased wagons, from all stations of all railway administrations to all LTG stations, as well as following in transit, through the border crossing Stasylos (LTG) – Benyakoni (BelZD).

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Representatives of the Lithuanian customs said that they were really going to close the Stasylos border crossing for the movement of freight trains from Belarus to Lithuania, this was discussed at least since January 19th.

This measure is due to the fact that at the Stasylos crossing there is no X-ray complex for inspecting trains, which allows smuggling from the territory of Belarus. The Lithuanian customs said that the amount of smuggling going through the Kana station, where an X-ray system was installed in October, has dropped significantly.

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