The Latvian subsidiary LDz Cargo has announced the sale of 200 wagons due to losses: in 2020 they amounted to more than 3 million euros.

Latvian Railways sells wagons

A subsidiary of the Latvian Railways (Latvijas dzelzceļš) – LDz Cargo – will put up for auction 200 wagons on September 6. According to the report, the auction is divided into three lots:

  • the first – for 65 wagons at a total starting price of 378,084 euros;
  • the second – 65 wagons for 391,776 euros;
  • the third – 70 wagons for 418,208 euros.

To participate in the auction there is a fee of 100 euros, as well as value added tax (VAT), which is not refundable to auction participants, but included in the sale price.


LDz signed contracts for the modernization of 48 railway stations

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