Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ) and Wabtec signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the supply of 150 FLXdriveTM battery shunters and upgrade work to convert the mainline fleet to NextFuelTM locomotives powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). Railway Supply magazine writes about this with reference to RailwayPro.

KTZ Wabtec

The $600 million is the value of the agreement, which marks the largest sustainable technology agreement in the CIS railways and will further improve KTZ’s mainline and depots, as well as significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs.

The FLXdrive will be 100% battery powered and consume over 1.5 megawatt-hours of energy. These new battery-powered shunters are a zero-emissions solution for KTZ, allowing the company to reduce fuel costs for its depots by approximately $75,000 per shunter per year. FLXdrives will also reduce scheduled maintenance by up to 97% and avoid costly electrification investments.

Refrigerator cars are transferred to the balance of CTL

To support KTZ’s efforts to ensure the sustainability of the core fleet, Wabtec will provide NextFuel kits to convert traditional diesel locomotives to LNG. NextFuel LNG mainline locomotives will more than double the range, from 1,300 km to 3,000 km, and cut fuel costs by up to 26%.

Wabtec will modernize locomotives for LNG at the LKZ plant in Nur-Sultan. Work is scheduled to begin in 2024.

Wabtec and KTZ will also collaborate on digital fleet solutions. The first digital product was Trip Optimizer, which provides economical modes of operation of freight trains, allowing to reduce fuel consumption by at least 5%. Pilot tests are scheduled for the fourth quarter and, if successful, will be deployed on KTZ locomotives.

“This MoU continues to build on our long history of success with Wabtec in modernizing the railway industry in Kazakhstan. Together we will make our rail transport more environmentally friendly and cost effective. It also strengthens our position as a leader in railway technology in the CIS region,” said Nurlan Sauranbaev, Chairman of the Board of KTZ.

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