On August 6, the first stage of vaccination of Kievguma employees from COVID-19 with the American production Moderna vaccine took place.

ООО «Киевгума»

For the maximum convenience of employees, vaccination took place on the territory of the enterprise. For this purpose, our site medical facility was adapted and appropriate conditions for the work of the mobile team were provided, informs the Railway Supply referring to the manufacturer.

In general, this is already the third wave of vaccination of the Kievguma team. The first and second stages took place in June and July. Within the territory of the enterprise and during working hours, employees received two doses of the Chinese-made vaccine CoronaVac.

ООО «Киевгума»

Kievguma is one of the largest manufacturers of rubber products in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the year, the company has developed and produced more than ten new products for both retail business and customized products. Kievguma is a production of a full cycle and performs work from the development of equipment to the manufacture of finished products.

The company exports its products to more than 30 countries and manufactures products both under its own brand and customized products for other companies.

The high standards of the company’s work are confirmed by European quality certificates, in particular, TUV SUD ISO 9001:2015. And the high quality of products is provided by our own laboratory of physical-mechanical and chemical-analytical testing of materials and products, which operates on the territory of production and is accredited by the National Agency of Ukraine for competence.


Kievguma has increased its range of molded products by technical plates in the size of 1000х1000 mm of various calibers

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