Interpipe, a global producer of steel pipes and railway products, has released (via Interpipe Holdings Plc) its monthly report on operations for June 2021.

Interpipe delivered ULT-25 wheelsets to French INVEHO UFO
Picture: Interpipe


In June 2021, Interpipe’s trading activity continued growing following further rise of the global business activity and consumption across all key markets and products. Overall pipe product sales grew by 23.3% m-o-m and stood 9.1% y-o-y higher for the first six months 2021, report Railway Supply magazine citing the manufacturer.

OCTG sales hiked by 49.3% m-o-m amid a robust demand from US and CIS customers. For the first six months 2021 sales volumes surged by 59.1% y-o-y following the recovery of drilling activity worldwide.

Linepipe sales volumes rose by 19.1% m-o-m on the back of growing demand in Europe, MENA and Ukraine.

Mechanical pipe sales showed a moderate decline of 5.5% m-o-m: higher sales to Europe and Customs Union mostly offset the decline in sales to the US, MENA and Ukraine.

Welded pipe sales continued suffering across all markets (decreased by 15.5% m-o-m), however the price rally in the HRC market cooled off in June as the average HRC FOB Black Sea price fell m-o-m by 41 USD per ton.

Sales volumes of railway products in June had been steady above 15 thousand tons for the second consecutive month (having inched by 2.9% m-o-m) amid a robust demand for wheels in the CIS, Europe, Ukraine, India, Turkey and North America.

Sales volumes of railway products yet stood 20.6% y-o-y lower for the first six months 2021.

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Interpipe has started deliveries of railway wheels for Indian Railways

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