Interpipe expands the supply of railway products to the North American region

The Ukrainian industrial company INTERPIPE has long been considered the leader of the European market for railway products. But North America is another, just as strategic direction for sales. In recent years the company has entered into a number of important contracts for the supply of wheels to North American partners, infroms Railway Supply magazine with reference to Interpipe.

Interpipe expands the supply of railway products to the North American region
Picture: Interpipe

Trains in the Sacramento metro (USA) will run on wheels Interpipe NTZ

The complexity of this order was that the wheels were produced according to two standards simultaneously – European EN and American AAR. The development of this product began four years ago, in a joint project with German companies Bochumer Verein Verkehrstechnik and Siemens.

The BVV inspector received a pilot batch in Ukraine, and then our products additionally underwent a rigorous audit directly in Germany, at the factories of the Siemens concern, which produces rolling stock for the metro.

Canadian wagons will be repaired using Interpipe wheels

The coronavirus pandemic has affected Canadian carriers to a much lesser extent than in the United States or other regions. Therefore, we managed to establish cooperation with the largest wagon repair companies in Canada. INTERPIPE has already delivered three wheel designs to this market, two more types are possible.

Alexander Garkavy, director of the railway products division, Interpipe:

– Despite the difficult situation in the global economy, we are looking for markets with stable demand for railway products. Our goal is to develop high-tech exports to important regions such as the EU, North America, the Middle East and North Africa. Now it is important to be included in the list of wheel suppliers for each customer.

Interpipe is a Ukrainian industrial company, a manufacturer of seamless pipes and railway wheels. The company’s products are supplied to more than 80 countries of the world through a network of sales offices located in the key markets of the CIS, the Middle East, North America and Europe. In 2020, Interpipe sold 662 thousand tons of finished products, including 192 thousand tons of railway products. Railway products are sold under the KLW brand.

Interpipe employs 11 thousand people. In 2020, the Company transferred UAH 2.54 billion to the budgets of all levels.


Interpipe delivered ULT-25 wheelsets to French INVEHO UFO