The Ukrainian industrial company Interpipe is constantly expanding its product portfolio of machine-building pipes, entering new market segments. In October, the Dnieper site of the INTERPIPE Niko Tube plant completed the shipment of the first batch of 465 mm thick-walled pipes with a volume of about 280 tons for the production of hydraulic cylinders used in mining equipment.

large-diameter pipes for mechanical engineering

The development and delivery of such unique pipes was carried out by order of one of the main distributors of machine-building pipes in the European market, the Polish BOMI, with which Interpipe has been cooperating for about 20 years, reports the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to the manufacturer.

The end consumer of the supplied products has already manufactured hydraulic cylinders with welded bottoms from pipes for use as hydraulic props for powered roof supports.

Denis Morozov, Interpipe Deputy General Director:
– Interpipe strives to constantly expand its product portfolio. Now the demand for seamless pipes of large diameter for hydraulics is growing, in addition, there are a limited number of manufacturers of such products in the world. Therefore, we aim to enter this promising niche, which will allow us to attract new clients.

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