InnoTrans 2022: Lviv Locomotive Repair Plant, PJSC (Hall B, CityCube, 600)


Lviv Locomotive Repair Plant, PJSC was foundedin 1861. Over these years, LLRPhas become one of the leading companieswithin Ukrzaliznytsia, JSC in Ukraine in terms of overhaul reconditioning, upgrading and renovation of electric locomotives, in-line production of electric machines, wheeled pairsand manufacture of the replacement parts. In order to guaranteehigh-quality service of traction vehicle repair, the company makes proactive efforts, working on the technical development and implementation of modern production technology. A great number of technological developments aimed at repairing electric locomotives with modern electronic systems and manufacturing thereplacement parts out of high-quality materials ensure the production of the goods, allowing the company to save money on electricityconsumption andmaintenance of railway vehicles. Lviv Locomotive Repair Plant, PJSC has been thoroughly and completely overhauling the DC electric locomotives ВЛ8, вл10, вл11, ВЛ11М, ВЛ11М/5, ВЛ11М/6, ВЛ40, ВЛ80, the locomotive traction units ПЕ2м, ПE2у, оПE1AM and a number of other models, pursuant to the Technical Specification agreed upon with Customer.

Lviv Locomotive Repair Plant


1. The repair of a bogie, including: y frame; y interconnections; y centre pad; y pivot housing, y spring suspension and a swing link; y hydraulic shock absorbers; y gear casing; y brake rigging.

2. The repair of a body frame, including: y body frames and supports; y body roofing and walls; y driving compartment; y hand brake; y high-voltage cabinet, machine rooms and safety devices.

3. The repair of brake and pneumatic equipment, including: y motor-driven compressors, auxiliary compressors; y pressure gauges; y air tanks, air ducts, brake cylinders, etc.; y train horns and whistles.

4. The repair of electrical equipment, including: y current-collecting device and roofing equipment; y separating switches, circuit reclosers, fans switches, reversers and cam switches, group switches; y electro pneumatic and electromagnetic contactors; y high-performance relays and contactors; y inductive shunts and throttles; y resistors; y smoothing and transient reactors; y protective devices; y principal controllers; y switching panelunits assembly.

5. The repair of electronic equipment: y diode power units; y thyristor rectifiers; y rheostatic brake control units; y electronics of electric locomotives’ auxiliary circuits.

6. The repair of traction and auxiliary motors, the abovenamed electric locomotives and of other models.

7. Full and thorough replacement of cables and wires of electric locomotives.

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